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STEM at Dallington School

Published by Dallington School on Tuesday 30th of April 2024

Our curriculum is designed to provide our children with exceptional learning experiences and enrichment opportunities. It aims to develop modern life skills by integrating STEM with core curriculum topics and creating practical, connected, and, whenever possible, real-life learning situations.

Science at Dallington School focuses on building a solid foundation in scientific understanding, encouraging critical thinking, practical experimentation, and a fascination with the natural world

Technologies to support learning—laptops, tablets, calculators, and interactive whiteboards—are used throughout the school to enhance each child’s learning experience. Coding is a key component of computing at Dallington that promotes computational thinking and problem-solving skills, creative teaching and learning, self-expression, and collaboration.

Engineering is explored throughout the school, from building blocks in our Nursery to creating 3D models or working with design software in the Middle School. Our cross-curricular and topic-based approach allows engineering to be neatly woven into many subjects, such as Outdoor Learning.

Mathematics is taught daily as an individual subject. Using the White Rose programme, our children explore numbers, shapes, spaces, measures and handling data. We emphasise conceptual understanding and verbal reasoning, enhancing competence in problem-solving while building on their fundamental skills.
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