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Birkdale Broadening Horizons

Published on isbi School News dated Friday 5th of November 2010

Economics and Geography students at Birkdale School enjoyed an educational trip of a lifetime during half term when they visited New York, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

The Economists were keen to experience the Financial District on Wall Street, and visited the Museum of American Finance, in order to help the students to understand the trade-off between risk and reward in investing; explain what factors cause financial market fluctuations and crises; explain why governments and companies have issued bonds historically and today; and explore information technology in the field of finance.

The Geographers were interested in both the multi-purpose water storage projects and the world-renowned showplace of geology, the Grand Canyon, considered one of the natural wonders of the world largely because of its natural features.

On a hike down into the canyon, walking 4 miles each way, for almost 1000m of elevation, the students were able to see the exposed geologic strata which rises over a mile above the river, representing one of the most complete records of geological history that can be seen anywhere in the world.
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