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Published on isbi School News dated Monday 13th of August 2012

A group of St Leonards pupils are set to showcase their talents on the biggest artistic stage in the world.
From August 13th to 18th, young performers from the School will be taking their production of 'Billy Liar' to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Although the School has been putting on regular shows at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews for years, this is the first time in over a decade that St Leonards has appeared at the world famous Festival.
Nickie Ledger, Head of Drama at St Leonards and Director of the show, said, 'The students are a little nervous but they are excited at being given the opportunity to take this show to a wider audience.
'We're looking forward to performing for people who haven't seen what St Leonards can do.'
Featuring 11 pupils from Years 9 (S2) through to IB2 (S6), the production tells the story of 19 year old Billy who, bored by his life and horrified at the thought of being like his parents, creates a fantasy world for himself. However, the teenager gets into trouble when his real and imaginary worlds merge.
'He is growing up in a time when youngsters have their own dreams whereas kids had previously done what their parents told them to do, something which Billy doesn't want,' explains Nickie.
'To escape he has created another world for himself where he can do what he wants.
'He spends part of his days in humdrum 1959 and part in the world he has created and that leads to some problems.'
The pupils embarked on a series of fund raising activities in order to fund the production, which is co-directed by RADA trained actor and director James Russell. Uniquely, several multi talented members of the acting cast also play a part in the accompanying live band. And there is a further twist in store for those familiar with the traditional Billy Liar stage production, as Nickie explains.
'We've given the ending a bit of a tweak,' she says.
'I won't give too much away but we wanted to give it more of a 21st century feel.'
The St Leonards production of Billy Liar will run from August 13th to 18th at the Space@Venue 45, nightly from 8pm.
Tickets are available at the Fringe Society -, 0131 2260066 - or
the Space@Venue 45 -, 0845 508 8387.

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