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Northwood College pupil admitted to Mensa with the highest possible score

Published on isbi School News dated Friday 7th of September 2012

Fifteen year old Fabiola Mann, from Northwood College (Year 11), has been invited to join Mensa, with a remarkable IQ of 162, which is the highest possible score you can achieve in a UK/European Mensa IQ test - higher than Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, who all scored 160.

The decision to take the test came from Fabiola herself. She has always excelled in intelligence tests, puzzles and mathematics and so wanted to take the Mensa test. She applied and took a supervised formal Mensa test at the UCL Medical School on 17 July and received the result on 20 August.

Fabiola said: 'The three hour test was quite intimidating as it was in a very formal setting. There were about 30 other people taking the test and with the exception of one other candidate they were all adults in their 20s and 30s. However the Mensa Supervisor was very kind and supportive. When I got the results I couldn't believe it!'

After her GCSEs and A Levels, Fabiola's goal is to study Medicine at Cambridge University, as she has always wanted to be a doctor specifically a surgeon. Outside of school, Fabiloa's interests include chess, puzzles, reading (especially Science Fiction), martial arts and watching movies.

Fabiola's mother, Rene Mann said: 'As parents we are very proud of Fabiola and we hope she will be able to use this gift in a meaningful way that helps others and utilises her potential.'

Jacqualyn Pain, Head Mistress of Northwood College, was absolutely delighted when she was informed of Fabiola's success. 'At Northwood College we focus on raising young women who know their own minds and are creative and flexible thinkers, as well as being able to achieve outstanding results. We are all thrilled with Fabiola's achievement.'
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