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What parents say about Kent College Prep

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 30th of October 2012

Testimonials and comments from Kent College parents

On Pastoral Care:

"Kent College really does well with pastoral care. They know the children as real individuals."

"My girls are incredibly happy, it is such a kind and nurturing place."

"It's a wonderful experience for her. If i could have chosen a school when i was that age, i would have chosen Kent College, she's a very lucky girl."

"We moved from London and and loved the atmosphere in the Early Years. It felt gentle yet very busy."

"The school has been wonderful for her, she's just thrown herself into it and her confidence has grown."

On the Academics:

"Kent College gets very good results in terms of prepping them for the grammar schools."

"The curriculum is very rich and the girls experience remarkable things with high quality resources."

"In terms of development the girls do well, it's more nurturing than pushy."

On Performing Arts:

"The music and performances in assembly are among the strongest aspects of the school."

"She was in an incredible production. It was really, really special. The school has great reputation for drama."

On Sport:

"My daughter is very very sporty and the netball and rounders are very good."

On the facilities:

"The facilities are so fantastic and the children are so happy."

"The school is very good about food and my daughter loves the lunches. The school are concerned about providing healthy food."

"My daughters are in the junior boarding house and love boarding. The Housemaster is the most delightful man and the welcome is always so warm."
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