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Christingle at FSM

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 6th of December 2012

No one can deny that Christmas is the most fun and fabulous time and this is especially so for little children who understandably get completely carried away by glitter, presents, play rehearsals and all the wonderful Christmas crafts. However the children at Forres Sandle Manor Pre-Prep took time out from all their rehearsals and craft making to celebrate Christingle.

Tracy Spottiswood, Head of FSM Pre-Prep said, 'Christingle comes at just the right time to remind us all of why we have Christmas and what it is all about. The children each made their own Christingle for our service and were reminded of what each part of it represented as their candles were lit.

The candle represents Jesus who came to be the light of the world; the orange is the world itself and the four sticks of sweets and dried fruits stand for all the good and sweet gifts that we are given each season of the year. Finally the red ribbon reminds us that Jesus died for us and that this is why he was born on earth as a baby in Bethlehem to begin with.

The children listened wide eyed and solemn as they were read the Christmas story and then softly sang 'Away in a Manger', lit only by their candles, the Christmas tree and the light from the flickering fire. It was a most touching occasion with a special Christmas magic all of its own.'
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