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Memorable visit from Tim Prendergast (SKY SPORTS Paralympian).

Published by Wisdom School on Wednesday 12th of December 2012

Tuesday 11th December 2012 Wisdom students experienced a heart warming story from a true Paralympian. The students learnt the true meaning of setting goals. "Never give up or let someone put you down. We should learn from our mistakes rather than let our mistakes define us..."

At eight years of age Tim Prendergast began losing his sight, and within five years his vision had depleted by over 90%. Despite this and the troubles he experienced whilst he was coming to terms with his impairment, Tim still maintained a burning passion for sport and found real enjoyment in running.
Now in his sixth year as an Athlete Mentor, Tim says: 'I love working with young people and sharing my story to try and inspire others. Sky Sports Living for Sport is powerful on so many levels; it flexes to suit whoever needs support or help in any aspect of their lives, which allows teachers to really hone in on areas they want to focus on with their students.

'I've had to overcome a lot of challenges in my life and it's the way you deal with them that makes you a stronger person. Struggling to deal with sight loss was extremely hard when I was young, but my attitude changed for the better as a result. This is the message I like to get across to the young people I meet.'

We would like to thank Tim for his truly inspirational story, you really left a positive memory for our students.
Memorable visit from Tim Prendergast (SKY SPORTS Paralympian). - Photo 1Memorable visit from Tim Prendergast (SKY SPORTS Paralympian). - Photo 2Memorable visit from Tim Prendergast (SKY SPORTS Paralympian). - Photo 3
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