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Staying Focussed Over The Christmas Break

We’re all enjoying a well-earned break over the Christmas holidays, but while everyone deserves to take a relaxing break it is also worth spending a little time preparing for the new term. It’s all too easy for us to get used to lazy days and late nights during the break, and this can make the January return to school hard - especially with the dark, cold mornings.

Here are some tips for making sure your children stay focussed over Christmas whilst also enjoying the break:

Schedule In Homework

Most teachers will assign homework of one sort or another over Christmas, and it can be tempting to put this off until after the festivities are done with. It’s better to schedule it in beforehand though, and to at least make sure you and your child are both aware of how much work is required. Better to make a head start and enjoy the rest of your break without it hanging over everyone’s heads.

Try To Stick To A Routine

Everyone likes to stay up late and sleep a little longer during the holidays, but a change like this can make the return to school hard. This is true of any school holiday, but the Christmas holiday especially has so many parties and social occasions, and the return to school is often cold and dark - not a winning combination. If children (and adults!) become accustomed to waking up at lunch time for two weeks straight, that first 7am wake-up in January will be torturous for all concerned! Try to stick to your sleeping and waking routine throughout the holidays, or at least to begin implementing it again a few days before school begins again.

Encourage Children To Spend A Little Time On The Subjects They Struggle With

If there is not too much homework, this is the ideal time for children to spend a little extra time brushing up on any subjects they’ve struggled with lately. Nobody wants to spend their whole Christmas break on school work, and it is important to take a break - but a couple of hours here and there can make a big difference if there is something they have been struggling with.

Encourage Proper Rest!

Use the Christmas holidays to teach your children about self care and true restorative rest. Watching TV for eight hours straight does not count as restorative rest! Things like playing board games, going out for walks and reading books are a better way to take a rest and great family activities over the break.

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