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The Benefits Of Learning In Nature

One of the benefits of schools being closed at the moment is that children no longer have to fit into a school timetable of set lessons in a classroom environment. In fact, now is a great time to experiment with different learning styles and environments, to see if perhaps your child is better suited to something a little different. Even if it makes no difference, this can be a great experience for them and something they will look back on with fond memories in years to come.

One way to do this is to experiment with learning outside. These days more and more classroom activities are focused on technology - but it’s also important to maintain a connection with the Great Outdoors, and to remember that there are valuable lessons to be learned outside of a screen.

Learning in nature can help to support creativity and problem solving. It can also improve cognitive abilities and improve academic performance. You may also find that a child who struggles in a formal learning environment will find their confidence boosted by being able to do different things outdoors. 

Being outdoors is a natural stress reliever which can be hugely beneficial, especially in the current environment. Learning in nature can help to reduce anxiety and promote focus.

Nature based education can also have physical benefits. Learning outdoors can help children to be more physically active and being in a natural environment can help to make learning feel more relevant and applicable in everyday life.

Learning outside can help to increase resilience in children, helping them to understand real life risks and problem solving.

Right now many of us, both adults and children, are finding things stressful. A different routine and restrictions on movement can make things feel difficult. Taking the homeschool environment out into the garden or on an educational nature walk can be of benefit to all involved. Although we must still observe social distancing and remain 2 metres from others when out and about, getting outside into nature can make a big difference and seeing other faces along the way can be of great benefit.

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