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Understanding Your Child's Learning Style

We all have different ways in which we learn the most effectively. Knowing and understanding these different learning styles is particularly important when it comes to your child’s education.

That is why we have teamed with a Boarding Prep School to give you some insight into the different learning styles your child could have. 

Visual Learner

A visual learner is someone who best responds to visual stimulus in their learning experience. This means they will retain more information by seeing it in action, either in the real world, in a video, in a picture of a piece of art. Visual learners will respond better to colour as well, so make their studying filled with objects and things of visual interest.

Auditory Learner

Auditory learners are those learners who respond best to hearing something explained to them. They tend to respond to music very well and can often be heard whistling or humming a tune. When it comes to note taking, they will be more likely to remember the information by reading out their notes aloud, and will be more talkative when it comes to any issues they’re having.

Read/Write Learner

This is when your child is most comfortable reading and writing notes based on the information that they are reading. They often love to get lost in a book, can retain the information very well, and they like to work in quiet and secluded spaces. 

Kinesthetic Learner

A Kinesthetic learner are those kids who just can’t quite seem to stay still for too long. They need active engagement in their learning to keep their attention, or at the very least having something to do with their hands. They will excel at any kind of activity based learning, but may struggle when it comes to classroom learning. Turning lessons into a game or an activity will help maintain kinesthetic learner’ attention.

Contribution from Taunton School

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