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Pupil's prayer starts the day for St Benedict's

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 11th of February 2013

St Benedict's Junior School has its own Eco Prayer. Following a competition in which all the pupils participated, Dom Andrew Hughes OSB, the School Chaplain, chose the entry by eight year old Erin McCarthy (Year 4) as the best. Erin said she was very excited and proud to be chosen as the winner.
Becky Machin, the school's Environmental Coordinator, said: 'The pupils' brief was to write a prayer for the school that was personal to St Benedict's and kept in mind our value of stewardship - looking after the world around us. The children were told it was going to be used as our morning prayer throughout the school. The standard of entries was exceptionally high, making it extra hard for Father Andrew to judge the competition.'
The runners up were Oliver Burbanks (Year 6), Niamh O'Haire (Year 4) and Grace Walker (Year 4).

St Benedict's Junior School Eco Prayer by Erin McCarthy:

Father in Heaven, as we begin this new day
We offer you all that we think, do and say.
You made the earth for us all to enjoy,
Young and old, girl or boy.
Help us to keep it safe, clean and bright
As we look after each other until the night.
We will recycle and help to keep the environment new,
Walk to school, pick up litter to name just a few.
Keep us in your loving arms as we go on our way.
Thank you for the world as we begin this new day.

Stewardship of Creation is one of the ten defining features of a Benedictine school and environmental issues are an important part of the curriculum at St Benedict's. The Junior School is now working towards its Silver Eco Award.
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