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An Excellent Inspection Report

Published Friday 15th of February 2013 01:54:34 PM

The school community at St Benedict�s School, Ealing are celebrating an excellent Inspection Report just published by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) following the school�s inspection in November 2012. The report praises many aspects of the school�s work and development since the previous inspection in 2009.
The academic curriculum, the programme of extra-curricular activities and the pupils� personal development are all described as excellent. Quoting from the main findings of the report: �The excellent and broadly-based academic curriculum throughout the school is subject to regular review. It is supported by an excellent programme of extra-curricular activities, in which pupils participate enthusiastically and which enriches their educational experience and personal development�. Pupils throughout the school are described as �confident, articulate and numerate.� In both junior and senior schools �good and at times excellent teaching promotes the pupils� learning and academic potential well and thus supports the school�s aim of aspiring to excellence.�
The ISI report says that at all ages the pupils� personal development is excellent. �In line with the Benedictine mission, pupils show respect for themselves, for others and for the world around them, and are learning �how to live�.� They enjoy excellent relationships with peers and adults alike within a safe, secure and happy environment and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. Success in sport is highlighted as one of the school�s strengths.
The report recognises that the school has changed its governance structure recently and says that leadership across the school is �strong, caring and accessible and provides clear educational direction and support.� All recommendations from previous inspections have been implemented.
Headmaster Chris Cleugh and Junior School Headmaster Rob Simmons said: �We are pleased that the ISI Inspection Report has recognised the many strengths of St Benedict�s School. Staff, parents and pupils can take great pride in this and we thank them all for their hard work and support. St Benedict�s is a great school and the development plan for the next five years will ensure that the school remains at the forefront of education.�
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