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Year 7 Leaders in the making

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 11th of March 2013

TPS launched our first PSB day in the Prep school as part of the PSB pilot scheme, with the focus on developing Leadership Skills, one of the six key learning skills of the PSB programme on March 5th.

All Year seven pupils were split into eight different groups, which consisted of a mixture of children with different learning profiles. Each child was given a task to lead as well as the opportunity to work as part of a team to achieve a goal.

There was a huge variety in the activities which covered the curriculum areas of Maths, Science, Technology , Geography and Music as well as a mixture of command tasks and challenge tasks such as scaling a 30m climbing wall and deactivating a Cannister of NVNS ( Not Very Nice Stuff)!

What ever the activity, if the team solved the challenge they received two envelopes; each containing a letter, if they failed they only received one. At the end of the eight activities their final challenge was to work out the anagram of a famous leader.

It was fascinating to see so much leadership potential in the children and throughout the day they demonstrated that they were able to plan, communicate, delegate, listen, encourage, motivate and sometimes just laugh! The children had an excellent experience and learnt so many things about themselves and each other. They were also given individual feedback on how they coped with the challenge.

Well done to Teagan Roberts, Christoper Gerontis, Nathaniel Rookes, Tilly Morris, Harrison Coventry, Anabelle Workman and Bethan Collier for the team that eventually worked the anagram out Winston Churchill!
Year 7 Leaders in the making - Photo 1Year 7 Leaders in the making - Photo 2Year 7 Leaders in the making - Photo 3
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