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Young Boarders Embrace School Life

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 11th of March 2013

Over the years, there has been a significant change happening in boarding schools across the country. The horror stories of years past are long gone and today's modern boarding school looks and feels very different.
At Trent College, we provide a warm, homely atmosphere in each of our five boarding houses, allowing pupils to make friends and also to establish their own identity. Our new Lower School Boarding House is no exception, it has been purpose-built to house younger girls and boys who are just starting their Trent College adventure.
Professional rugby coach and parent, Mr Glenn Delaney has two children within the Trent College community. He says that when boarding became an option for his children, 'it was a no brainer'.
His daughter Hannah in Year 5 at the Elms and his son Alex in Year 7 at Trent College. Both started boarding within the Lower School Boarding House after Mr Delaney's job was relocated to Surrey. 'With my move to London Irish, we would be relocating from an hour down the road from school to Kingston in Surrey. Our kids were happy at their school and, with life in professional sport meaning I work anywhere, continuity in education was massively important to us.'
Boarding at Trent College is the perfect solution for busy families, with hectic timetables, long commutes and long working hours (for parents and children!). Boarding helps to provide stability and support for children and helps alleviate some of the stress on modern families.
Of course, many families fear sending their children to boarding school but the fear usually starts and ends with the parents. Mr Delaney himself attended an independent school back home in his native New Zealand. Although he didn't board personally, he saw first-hand the boarding experience of friends to know that the two worlds are very different now.
He continued: "The trepidation was more our's'than Alex and Hannah's. They have taken to it like ducks to water. My experience of boarding in the late '80s / early '90s was very much sleep, get up, go to school, eat, sleep. But the boarding environment our kids are in now is totally different. It is a very homely environment and we are 100% comfortable our children are being looked after in the best way.'
Boarding also allows pupils to get even more out of the school and to develop essential life skills: independence, self-reliance, the ability to live in a community and, as they move up through the year groups, preparing for life at university.
Mr Delaney adds 'Although it was the well-rounded education that especially drew us to The Elms and Trent College, the kids' academic output has increased since they have been boarding and they are definitely doing more work. Having tutors in the boarding houses helping is working really well for them. They are also not spending two hours every day travelling to and from school now, meaning they have more time in the evenings to study and do other activities and aren't so tired'.
Trent College has been committed to providing a boarding school education since our foundation in 1866. Our commitment to exceptional standards of education, combined with our broad curriculum and outstanding pastoral care, continues to give the school its distinctive ethos to this day.
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