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Jofli Bears don't like cars

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 29th of April 2013

St Benedict's Junior School, with the support of Ealing Council, is working very hard to encourage sustainable travel, as part of the School's Travel Plan. Most recently Ealing Council has donated some Jofli bears to the school seven for each class. The St Benedict's children will be taking these home with them but not if they travel to school by car!
St Benedict's Junior School Eco Coordinator, Becky Machin, explains: 'The idea is to encourage the children not to travel by car, especially if they live fairly locally. The bears are going to be going home with a different child each night with a diary in their back pack. In the diary the children are going to write about everything they see and do on their journey home. Maybe even take some photos! The only problem is Jofli bears do not like cars; they want to walk, scoot or cycle! We are very grateful to Ealing Council for this initiative and for their support. Our children are looking forward to taking the bears home and I am sure the bears are also excited to join us at St Benedict's!'
Jofli Bears don't like cars - Photo 1
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