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Triple Ten Tors Success

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 14th of May 2013

TAUNTON School's three teams all successfully completed the Ten Tors event at the weekend despite some of the most testing conditions of recent years.

The start on Saturday morning was in zero visibility and rain and it was a worrying couple of hours waiting for the school's teams to hit their first Tor.

But all was well and later the cloud lifted and a cold wind picked up.

After the 45-mile team went through their second Tor they seemed to go missing as they stopped to help a team in difficulties crossing a swollen stream.

One of the team had fallen in when trying to retrieve a rucksack and it took a while to set the team out and get them all over the stream before they could go on.

This affected them overall but they pushed on the next day and finished at 15:55.

Coming in just before them at 15:48, the 55-milers (pictured) looked very dapper in their black tie attire.

Then at 16:11 the school's exhausted-looking 35 milers appeared out of the cloud to complete the set.

Congratulations to all involved ...
Triple Ten Tors Success - Photo 1Triple Ten Tors Success - Photo 2
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