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Choir Leads Worship at St Paul's Cathedral

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 15th of May 2013

Abbey Gate College Chapel Choir led the Worship in St Paul's Cathedral London by singing the Eucharist on the Feast Day of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The service which had a congregation of about 400 carried a special poignancy as only a few hours earlier, at the start of the rehearsal, the choir was told by a member of the Cathedral staff of the death of Baroness Thatcher; furthermore, it was announced that the funeral service will take place in St Paul's.

The Chapel Choir has sung an Evensong annually at St Paul's for the past 23 years in the Quire part of the Cathedral but this year was the first time they have sung a Eucharist which was held under the dome in the Nave. This is the area of the Cathedral where it is expected Margaret Thatcher's funeral will take place. The Mass performed by Abbey Gate College was the Missa Aeterna Christi Munera by Palestrina and the Offertory Motet was Ave Maria by Rihard Dubbra.

The director of music, Stewart Smith said that the service was a very spiritually moving occasion on this important feast day in the Church's year but also on such a historic day for the country.

Choir Leads Worship at St Paul's Cathedral - Photo 1
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