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Antarctic Adventures

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 16th of May 2013

The children were captivated last night as they listened to Jamie Goodhart's account of his recent expedition to Antarctica as he realised his childhood dream of encountering somewhere previously unexplored.
There were tales of a five day sea crossing from Argentina, close encounters of the Leopard Seal kind as well as amazing images of the untouched surroundings that he and the team were lucky enough to walk, ski and climb.
The children demonstrated their geology and wildlife knowledge as Jamie asked questions about the Antarctica environment and terrain and tested them to see if they could identify animals that he had seen along the way such as blue whales, killer whales, dolphins and penguins.
There were some delicious prizes for those who could answer the questions correctly and there was a chance following the talk to look at all of the specialist equipment that was taken on the trip. The key message for the children was that there are many places on the planet just waiting to be discovered and anything is possible if you set your mind to it!
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