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Felsted Achieves Top National Position for Educational Value

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 27th of June 2013

Felsted's ability to intellectually serve its broad intake, including its most academically able, has been confirmed by a recent announcement from the Department of Education.
'Value Added' has recently shown Felsted to be in the top 10% of all schools, both state and independent, across the country in terms of the academic value added to every student's performance. Value Added, introduced by the Department of Education, is a measure of the progress students make between different stages of education, revealing how schools have helped their students achieve this. The Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University, who analyse and produce the 'Value Added' score, have concluded that pupils are more likely to improve their academic performance at Felsted than at 90% of other schools nationally.

Through additional internal analysis of top sets, it has been revealed that Felsted pupils in these sets achieved 89% A* and A grades this summer, exceeding the results of some of the local Grammar School statistics, demonstrating Felsted's ability to serve its most academically able students to an extremely high standard.

Dr Walker, Headmaster at Felsted said, 'This really is something to celebrate, demonstrating that we serve not only our most academically able students, but all our students extremely well. Academically, we are competing with the best and we look forward to striving towards similar headlines at the end of this academic year.'
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