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Paralympian Sophie Christiansen attends Prep School Speech Day

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

On Friday, pupils from Gresham's Prep School put on a spectacular concert as part of their Speech Day marking the end to their school year. The concert, themed 'Sounds of the '60s', kicked off with a rock concert followed by a string of performances by each year group. There was a variety of ensembles performing everything from rock to Celtic music, as well as dance and dramatic performances supported by the Prep School Orchestra. The concert culminated with a whole School performance of Hey Jude (The Beatles) which raised the roof!

Each year the School invites a special guest speaker to present prizes for achievements in academia, art and music to the children, as well as gifts to all the Year 8 leavers. This year the School was delighted to welcome Sophie Christiansen OBE., a British equestrian and triple gold medal winner who has competed in three successive Paralympic Games. Sophie gave a moving and inspirational speech highlighting to everyone present that anything is possible if you are determined to work hard and follow your dreams. Such was the impact of her speech that it was met by a standing ovation.

Following the performances, James Quick, Headmaster, delivered his end-of-year speech in which he praised the pupils for all their hard work and for their wonderful performances.
Paralympian Sophie Christiansen attends Prep School Speech Day - Photo 1
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