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International Baccalaureate (IB) 2013 - the results have now been received

Published Monday 22nd of July 2013 10:29:24 AM

The tension among the 45 examination candidates who had sat for their "IB"examination this year, lasted somewhat longer than for the "Abitur" candidates, as the IB - a university entrance examination in the English language, that is recognised throughout the world - is corrected as a global procedure whereby the results are received two weeks later each year than the results for the Abitur students. On 6th July the time had come at last, and Anne-Cl�re Gurlitt, the Salem IB coordinator, beamed with satisfaction.

40 candidates were awarded their so-called 'Diploma of The International Baccalaureate', five of whom had achieved 40 or more points. The maximum number of points is 45, whereby 42 points are equivalent to a "1.0" in the Abitur examination. Laura Hellwig came out on top with a fantastic result of 43 points. The IB is highly regarded, most particularly at the universities in Britain and other countries where English is spoken, and with 40 points the doors of the world's Harvards and Oxfords are open for a diploma holder.

Five candidates did not manage to reach their goal at their first attempt, but unlike the Abitur, the IB offers , under certain conditions, the very sensible opportunity of repeating parts of the examinations within a shorter period. These "retakes" take place in November, and thus the Salem IB balance which is now already very presentable, will be improved even further.
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