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Caterham School Pupils Set Many New School Records for GCSE Results

Published Tuesday 3rd of September 2013 10:39:18 AM

The 136 pupils who took their GCSE exams this year may not have realised that they were going to set so many new records for the School.

A* 47% - new school record (44%)
A*-A 78% - new school record (72%)
A*-B 95% - new school record (93%)
A*-C 99.5% - new school record (99.4%)

Of the 136 pupils, 63 achieved 9 A grades or more.

Five of the 53 pupils who took French achieved 100% in all of the four exam papers: Cesci Adams, Izabele Batkovskyte, Chloe Downes, Francesca Rowson and Georgina Tatton

Pupils did very well across the range of 29 subjects but there were some notable successes:

English Literature A*-A 85%
Greek A* 100%
Human Biology A*-A 100%
Biology A*-A 98%
Italian A*-A 100%
Maths A*-A 90%
Further Maths A*-A 100%
Latin A*-A 96%
Music A*-A 91%
Physics A*-A 91%

Headmaster Julian Thomas said: 'These results are sensational with every School GCSE record broken. We thought that the pupils would do well but I have to admit that they have done better than we could have dreamt. These are particularly impressive results, not just because so many commentators are saying that GCSE results will go down this year but because this cohort has achieved so much outside the classroom too. Success in becoming regional hockey and lacrosse champions are just two examples, not to mention their outstanding performances in school plays and concerts. This year group has proved once again that a broad and varied education outside of the classroom is a cornerstone for achieving academic success.

I would like to thank every student and member of staff for their hard work, commitment and unrelenting positivity. These special results are the result of their exceptional efforts.

We are all so proud of the GCSE class of 2013 and cannot wait to work with them in the Sixth Form as they will no doubt go on to achieve further highs.'
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