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Damian Hinds MP Visits Dunhurst

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 20th of January 2011

Bedales Junior School, Dunhurst, welcomed Damian Hinds MP to the School last week. During his visit he assisted Block 1 children (year 4) with a mock election and was delighted that the children formed a coalition Government.

Damian was also the theme of Dunhurst's special 'Jaw' assembly - a tradition that mirrors that of the Bedales Senior School 'Jaw'. The name 'Jaw' was believed to be coined by Oscar Wilde, who, when visiting his son at Bedales, remarked that he would like to give a 'Jaw' on a subject at an assembly i.e. to exercise his jaw on a particular topic.

In Damian Hinds' case, he talked about politics, the difference between front and backbenchers and described the House of Commons and what it is like to work there. He posed questions to the children to find out how much they knew about the UK's political system and then talked about his daily life as an MP, including what he had voted on that week, which included a bill on national insurance contributions.

Dunhurst pupils asked him questions on: improving education for everyone, how to become an MP and if he had been put in a situation when he was forced to rebel when voting. In his response Damian talked about the importance of teaching in reforming education and evaluating GCSEs.

Commenting on Damian's visit, Dunhurst Headteacher, Penny Watkins, said: 'This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to have a chance to meet their MP. The children had prepared questions in advance of the visit so it was a good exercise for them to start thinking about politics in this country and the role of MPs both nationally and locally.'
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