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OSCAR Radio 87.9FM - From 11 March - 24 March

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 13th of February 2014

OSCAR Radio, founded in 1988, is an emblem of the talent and enthusiasm of Oundle School pupils. It is the only radio run and directed exclusively by U18s and is an exemplar of the success that young adults can achieve through a professional environment. With the abiding support of Sir Howard Stringer (Chairman, Sony Worldwide) and Mr. Carl Heinlein, OSCAR has been able to produce a legacy that has spanned over 15 years, and is becoming increasingly exceptional, broadcast by broadcast. OSCAR will hopefully develop further and continue to flourish under the new Managing Directors', Katie Vickerstaff (17) and Eliza Smith (16), energy and dedication to the station.

Managing Director Eliza Smith comments, 'Having been appointed Managing Director alongside Katherine Vickerstaff, we have a huge variety of ideas for what we feel and hope can enhance OSCAR Radio's already impressive output, channeling our passion towards leaving OSCAR Radio even more improved than how we joined it just over a year ago. Having had over 15 years of broadcasting and over 30 broadcasts to reflect on we are very much the new Oscar era and generation and we wish to give OSCAR a new face, with sophisticated professional styled shows.

We have an amazing group working with organizing the shows that have come up with numerous ideas in particular in the sports category- including having sports coaches from Oundle School interviewed live as well as having prerecorded interviews with the sports coaches from the matches that take place on Saturdays.

Although there are so many amazing opportunities at Oundle, in my eyes OSCAR Radio is the most unique in that we are the only pupil run radio station in the UK and we wish to have as many people involved with the broadcast including Oundle teachers, Oundle pupils alongside forums and the residents of Oundle. We aspire to promote OSCAR Radio to its full potential with fabulous new ideas from our publicity team including an OSCAR Radio meditation during the School Chapel services and a coffee morning during the run up to the OSCAR broadcast as well as the usual club night and break time launch. Having recruited such an encouraging Board of Directors, Katherine and I are both very confident with the future of OSCAR Radio and the new and improved approach and look.'

OSCAR Radio reaches a 30 square-mile range and has kept its audience enthralled for all 31 broadcasts. With the fresh and innovative ideas of pupils who create and host their own shows, OSCAR Radio has enjoyed a diverse selection of programs from music shows, like Live Lounge to topical shows like News and Nutters, each as interesting and demiurgic as the next. With an ever increasing variety of broadcasts of concerts, customary news, sports, music, current affairs, debates, community events and Drama, there is an ever increasing diversity in the shows. The aim of this March Broadcast is to increase the excitement about OSCAR Radio for the younger years of the School, with an even higher quality of shows, which appeal to people inside the School and outside the School alike.

Chris Pettit, music teacher and studio manager of OSCAR said, 'I am very much looking forward to this upcoming broadcast as we have one of the best management teams that we have had for a number of years. I expect to hear some entertaining and stimulating radio with a wealth of influences from across the spectrum of School life and for this broadcast we are directing our spotlight towards drama and sport. Our new Board of Directors have carefully listened to the views of our listeners and put together a schedule that shouldn't be missed. I have already set my radio to 87.9 FM in anticipation of the show in March.'

The Headmaster, Charles Bush, also commented 'OSCAR Radio provides a wonderful opportunity for pupils to understand the pressures and delights of broadcasting live and also to be creative and entertaining. Generations of Oundle pupils have demonstrated their great diversity and local residents now wait to hear what makes each new broadcast special. Many congratulations on 16 successful years!'

The current broadcast will run from the 11 - 24 March on 87.9 FM. Listeners will be able to tune in on their radios or use the live streaming utility on OSCAR's website at and listen to Podcasts. The constantly updated website enables listeners all over the globe to be able to listen in and access the programme and information about OSCAR.
OSCAR Radio 87.9FM - From 11 March -  24 March - Photo 1OSCAR Radio 87.9FM - From 11 March -  24 March - Photo 2
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