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Dunhurst Race to Success at Oakwood

Published Tuesday 8th of February 2011 02:59:41 PM

Dunhurst�s U10 & 11 cross country runners were victorious for the 2nd year running at the Oakwood annual event securing the winning shield for best overall school beating: Great Ballard, Oakwood, Alton Convent , Meoncross and Ryde. Nearly all of Dunhurst�s runners finished in the top ten, with Rosie and Pippa achieving medals for 3rd and 2nd place respectively. This result was all the more impressive as some of Dunhurst�s teams were substituted by children from the year below due to injuries.

Victory continued in Dunhurst�s U10 and U11 Girls hockey game against Portsmouth High School with an excellent display of interception skills and passing resulting in a win of 19-14. The U11 Girls hockey team continued their successful streak with a very convincing win against Churchers Junior School 3-0.

Commenting on the Oakwood Cross Country competition, Penny Watkins, Head of Dunhurst, said: �Dunhurstians discovered that running in mud, water and wind can be great fun � but to go on and WIN and beyond the call of duty is a fantastic result!�
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