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Living and breathing Rugby

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 13th of May 2014

As the rugby season draws to a close one Ealing Sixth Former will have particular reason to remember it with pride. St Benedict's student Michael Ledger played for the England U18 Schools and Clubs Squad in a tri-nations tournament in France in April. This capped a marvellous season for Ledger who was named Player of the Month in the February 2014 issue of Rugby World magazine and captained a successful St Benedict's 1st XV that ended 2013/14 with 15 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses.

St Benedict's Coach Geoff Richards said: 'Michael Ledger has been outstanding this season, both in his individual play and in his captaincy of the team. He is quick and tenacious, strong in defence and with a good eye to spot the opportunity of a counter-attack or a break from open play.'

Ledger wore the No.14 shirt (Winger) in the matches against Ireland Under 18 Clubs on April 16 and France Under 18 A on April 20, played at the French National Rugby Centre in Marcoussis. Ireland triumphed in the first match by 30-22 in a very open-ended contest with England leading twice but being finally edged out. England also led twice in the second game but conceded a converted try just before half-time and France went on to win 23-9.

The England squad was based at Marcoussis and spent eight days living and breathing rugby. It was a fantastic experience for Ledger and the other squad members who had previously only met for two training weekends.
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