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Red Sea Dive Trip: from reefs to wrecks to diving with dolphins

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 15th of May 2014

Over Easter, the Oundle School Dive Club made its annual Easter pilgrimage to the Red Sea; this year heading further south in to the St John's reef system.

Pupil, Finn Baseley (17) commented, 'By exploring this southern part of the Red Sea we were able to dive several amazing cave systems and reefs as well as seeing a whole host of wonderful animals that included, dolphins, sharks, turtles, rays and sea cow. This was a welcome break from the terrors of our usual diving hotspot Guildenburg and its renowned pike!'

The group stayed on a dive boat for the whole week and on a typical day enjoyed four dives, two in the morning, one after lunch and finally a night dive. In between dives they were also fortunate to experience the delights of Egyptian food served to them on-board the boat. The downtime between dives provided a welcomed opportunity to relax and recuperate.

Finn concluded, 'Some of the many highlights of the trip included experiencing the stunning coral reefs and varieties of fish that the Red Sea has to offer and finally seeing the huge improvement in diving ability that everyone made throughout the week.'

Red Sea Dive Trip: from reefs to wrecks to diving with dolphins - Photo 1
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