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'Agatha Rex' a modern Greek tragedy

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 24th of November 2014

Middle School pupils at St Benedict's, Ealing presented an accomplished and, at times, hilarious adaptation of 'Agatha Rex', which explored many of the profound, classical themes, while generating its very own rousing, energetic style. 'Agatha Rex' is a modern adaptation of Sophocles' 'Antigone', one of the Three Theban plays. Drama teacher Richard Gee directed the performance.

Sam Bordiss, who teaches English at St Benedict's, reviews the performance:

Agatha Rex is our modern Antigone: a popular and respected girl who stands up for her beliefs, regardless of the consequences. As student council president at Thebes High School, she vigorously defends her brother, Paul Rex, who is unfairly punished by the school's headmaster, Dr Creon. Her extreme and principled actions cause shockwaves throughout the school, leaving Dr Creon to consider whether or not to expel his most distinguished pupil and scholar.
Molly Bish stars as Agatha, giving a forceful portrayal of a girl who maturely recognises social, moral and personal injustice. She connects the entire community of Thebes, interacting equally well with her brothers, played by Robbie Renna and Liam Carty-Howe, her sister, hall monitors, Headmaster and son. Her antagonist is Dr Creon, played by Matthew Carr, who uses his exceptional gifts to create a character who is both comic and frightening in his conservative absolutism.

However, in this modern-day high school setting, it is the whole community who provide the energy and camaraderie that make this play such an engaging and uplifting experience. The fascist hall monitors, disturbingly well portrayed by Jelena Kostic, Eden Comins and Dulcie Godfrey, march around the stage, bellowing the strictest of orders. Alice Gedye provides a fantastic, whirlwind scene as Irene Rex, Agatha's younger sister. All nine members of the Chorus, who appear to be constantly in action and on stage, deserve great credit for their disciplined and creative efforts.

Along with the superb staging, lighting and sound effects, implementing such an ancient and complex theatrical device onto the school stage is a testament to Mr Gee's hard work and expertise, as well as the willingness of the whole cast. Huge congratulations to all involved.
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