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Celebrating Success Gresham's Upper Sixth Form

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 22nd of March 2011

With over 600,000 Sixth Form students nationwide competing for 400,000 places on 50,000 courses at 300 institutions, the university application process can be a bewildering and stressful process for even the most robust of students. In this testing environment it is good to see Gresham's Upper 6th Form students successfully securing offers on courses at prestigious universities.

Though the application process is far from complete, four Gresham's students have been awarded conditional offers at Oxbridge; two more have secured several offers to read medicine. The general picture is remarkably rosy, and at this early stage many of our students have already received offers from four or five universities. Gresham's students are attracting numerous offers from universities such as Warwick, Exeter, University College London, St Andrews, Durham, Bath, Bristol, Sheffield, York and Manchester. Gresham's Sixth Form places particular emphasis on the importance of supporting and advising students so that the transition to third level education is as smooth as possible. It is interesting to reflect upon the fact that our IB students have gained more offers per head than our A-level students.

Head of Sixth Form, Jeremy Quartermain, said, 'We are tremendously proud of the achievements of all our Upper Sixth Form students. Gresham's holistic approach to education nurtures a creative and independent spirit. This is a highly talented year group and universities are evidently impressed by our Sixth Formers' intellectual achievements, academic potential and professional aspirations.'

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