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Arts Festival brings yarn bombing to Box Hill School

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 11th of April 2011

The recent two week Art Festival at Box Hill School saw a range of activities and events including concerts and plays, origami and stage combat workshops, Rock Night and 'Chemical Compositions', an amazing blend of music and science. The event which left the most visible mark on the grounds however was the graffiti knitting, also known as yarn bombing. The idea is one which is taking off around the world, with people knitting and crocheting onto objects ranging from tanks to trees to bus shelters. Enthusiasm for the idea has been bubbling up around the school, with both staff and student informal knitting groups being formed and pieces appearing in places ranging from the main staircase to the school flagpole to trees dotted around the grounds. One parent was even seen quietly adding their own piece of graffiti knitting to the flagpole when they thought no-one else was looking.
Arts Festival brings yarn bombing to Box Hill School - Photo 1
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