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'Once upon a time, deep in the forest...'

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 11th of May 2011

'Once upon a time, deep in the forest, was a doll shop.' So began the Dance Extravaganza, held at St Benedict's School on Tuesday 5th April, with a cast of nearly forty pupils. This was a new event in the school calendar, intended to showcase Dance as a vibrant and exciting sports activity.

One of the wooden dolls, Delilah (played by Sophia Fitzmaurice Year 7), longs to escape the shop shelves and live as a professional dancer at Pineapple studios. Through dance, music and commentary a remarkable Hip Hop Fairytale unfolded as Delilah tries to make it to the fairy kingdom. Barring her way is the evil Ken (Sam Lubkowski Year 8), the Breakdancing Army and the Benedict's Bad Girls. However, with the help of the princesses Delilah finally realises her dream.

A packed audience sat mesmerised in the Glendyne Theatre and enjoyed this truly remarkable show, directed and choreographed by dance teacher Ruth Kestenbaum. Sophia Fitzmaurice gave a wonderful demonstration of Irish dancing and Sam Lubkowski was outstanding as the single male dancer in the whole show. Most importantly though it was a team performance with the whole cast putting all their energy and enthusiasm into each routine.

Director Ruth Kestenbaum was particularly proud of the Year 9 and 10 girls in her Tuesday games group. 'I thought they achieved something really special. Many of them weren't confident about performing and were extremely nervous and it was a big deal for them to get up there and dance so well in the show.'

Head of Girls' Games, Grainne Dunlea, said, 'The show was very well received and created a real buzz, not just among the girls and their parents, but also in the wider school community. It was particularly good to see so many boys in the audience.'
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