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ACG Sunderland students give back to community

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 14th of April 2016

ACG Sunderland students Bridget Archibald and Veronica Semau have been ambitiously planning a day to bring the whole school together, from pre-schoolers to college students, for one purpose - to help and be of service to others. It all started with a simple question, “How can we help others?” On March 9, all students at the school will spend the day using their abilities to help three very special organisations. Bridget, who is one of the Findlay House leaders says, “Starship was the first place that sprung to mind as a family friend has had to undergo many treatments there. Imagine being in isolation and how lonely that would be. Unfortunately we are too young to volunteer our time, however we can make things for the children that might help to lift their spirits. Our students are going to work together to make loom bands, letters and unique artwork.” The second part of the event is around another organisation central to our community and not far from ACG Sunderland. The school is inviting members from the local New Zealand Police station to have their cars washed. They are also hoping they will have a representative from the Police to talk to students about what they do. The final charity Bridget is connecting with is Plunket. With so many parents with children in this age bracket it seemed a natural fit. Bridget says, “We are inviting Plunket to come and check if car seats are installed correctly while we collect donations from the parents, family and friends.” Principal of ACG Sunderland, Nathan Villars says, “This is an ambitious service project that Bridget and Veronica have brought to me. It’s an easy one to get behind, though. It brings our whole school community to help others. The students are behind it too. Each Wednesday they meet and work out what needs to be done and how they’re going to do it.” While signs are getting made and ideas are still being generated, the students are learning that giving back not only helps others, but it also offers a sense fulfilment that you can’t find anywhere else. IMAGE CAPTION: Veronica Semau and Bridget Archibald, year 12 students at ACG Sunderland, are bringing the school together for a day of helping others. - See more at: http://www.acgedu.com/nz/sunderland/home/blog/10032-community/acg-sunderland-students-give-back-to-community#sthash.M01uDajT.dpuf
ACG Sunderland students give back to community - Photo 1
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