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Lily's Action! Against Bullying

Published on isbi School News dated Friday 15th of April 2016

When Lily Lewin’s mum saw that ITV’s This Morning had announced a video competition as part of their Action! Against Bullying campaign she knew that her daughter would love to enter. Lily who is studying Media as part of her A Level Course wants to be a Film Producer and so jumped at the chance to create a 60 second film on the subject. Lily, who’s in her first year of Sixth Form at Bishop’s Stortford College, has not suffered from bullying herself but said, “It must be a terrible feeling, not be to feel able to say anything, to speak out. Action! Against Bullying has given me a great opportunity to raise awareness of bullying and to help young people be heard.” ITV’s Good Morning launched Action! Against Bullying in September when they revealed some shocking statistics on bullying among young people. The competition aimed to give school pupils the chance to have a voice against bullying, by communicating through the medium of movies, what bullying means to them, how they can stop it and how it affects their lives. Lily is currently studying Media as part of her A Level course and eventually wants to be a film producer, so she was thrilled when she heard her film had been shared by ITV. “This is the first public competition I’ve entered and it’s incredibly exciting.” Watch Lily's video on the College YouTube Channel:
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