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Elizabeth Godolphin Legacy Award

Published Tuesday 25th of October 2016 09:45:08 AM

Godolphin School was founded almost 300 years ago by Elizabeth Godolphin. Her vision of educating girls was considered extraordinary in the 1720s but she persevered and founded the school in 1726. Girls entering Godolphin Prep in Year One this year (2016), will be preparing for their GCSEs in 2026 when the school celebrates its 300th anniversary. In honour of our founder’s legacy, we are offering six legacy awards to girls entering Godolphin Prep in Year One this year. The legacy award carries a value of 75% of the school fees, and this will be scaled as the girls move up through the school. Head of Godolphin Prep, Miss Julia Miller, said “this is an exciting opportunity to honour our founder’s vision and to offer an outstanding education to six young girls in the Salisbury area”. For further information on the Legacy Awards please contact our Assistant Registrar, Mrs Corinna Florence, 01722 430545.
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