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Students' art and design work well received by visitors to Burton Agnes Hall

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 26th of October 2016

Wonderful comments have been received from visitors to an exhibition held at Burton Agnes Hall recently, of art and design technology work created by students from Pocklington School. The work was on display in the Long Gallery during October and featured a wide range of different mediums and styles of artwork from 5th and 6th form art and photography students. Alongside this was a display of work from design and technology students who have been producing items, including chairs and board games, as part of their work for design and technology qualifications. Dan Cimmermann, Head of Art and Steve Ellis, Head of Design, have been delighted to read the comments written by visitors in the Comments Book left in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition, and they will be sharing these with their students in the coming weeks. To have phrases such as ‘absolutely outstanding’, ‘breath-takingly amazing’ and ‘thank goodness’ used to describe the students work, has been a wonderful endorsement of the School’s commitment to inspire the creative minds of the future. Pocklington School is currently running a Campaign for a new Art and Design Technology Centre, as part of the next phase of the School’s strategic development plan. The £2.5 million structure will replace the existing building which houses the two Departments and is designed to inspire the pursuit of traditional arts and crafts, plus provide cutting-edge facilities for digital imaging, editing, animation and computer-aided design and manufacturing technology.
Students' art and design work well received by visitors to Burton Agnes Hall - Photo 1
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