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Godolphin welcomes over 100 new girls

Published on isbi School News dated Friday 8th of September 2017

This week, over 100 new girls have joined the Prep and Senior schools of Godolphin in Salisbury. Girls as young as three and as old as 14 were welcomed into the Godolphin community through a unique ceremony, ‘The Pinny Service’. The Godolphin pinny is worn up until Sixth Form and is highly distinctive, giving the girls a sense of identity and belonging. During the service, chaplain Dr Stella Wood used rosemary, the herb of remembrance and water, a symbol of life and growth to bless both the pinnies and the girls themselves. Prayers were said for them and for their families and they were given a Godolphin hymn book which they will keep throughout their time at the school. Speaking afterwards, Dr Wood said ‘This is such a special occasion for both our new girls and their families. I particularly look forward to the moment when I begin to spray the girls with water using the rosemary sprigs. To see the looks on their faces and then hear their giggles and laughs is just wonderful!’
Godolphin welcomes over 100 new girls - Photo 1Godolphin welcomes over 100 new girls - Photo 2Godolphin welcomes over 100 new girls - Photo 3
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