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Children create a flight of beautiful willow dragonflies

Published Tuesday 8th of November 2011 10:06:04 AM

Local artist Sue Kirk visited Laxton Junior School on 2nd November to teach the Form 6 children to weave with willow. Each child made a dragonfly to be displayed in the school garden.

The children were fascinated by this ancient craft and only the dropping of a leaf could be heard as they worked. Comments whispered were: 'I am loving this, no... I am REALLY loving this,' and 'It looked really hard, but we were taught well and learnt how to do it'.

The children created a flight of beautiful dragonflies that are now prevalent in the school grounds. Each creature is unique, some tall, some small, some long and some thin. It gave the children a great sense of achievement to think they have collaborated as a class to create these stunning works of art.

Mrs Sarah Ashby, Head of Art at Laxton Junior, organised the visit and said 'There is something very special about outdoor sculpture'.

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