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Harry receives message from International Space Station!

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 30th of November 2011

A St Leonards Schoolboy has received a message from outer space!
Astronauts on board the International Space Station sent 13-year-old Harry Campbell a congratulatory video clip after watching a film he made of a trip to Russia's space training camp, Star City.

In the message, as they float around in front of the camera, astronauts Mike Fossum, Sergei Vokov and Satoshi Furukawa express the fun they had watching Harry's movie.

Mike Fossum says, 'We saw your video up here on the Space Station.
'It's an amazing video it was a lot of fun, you have a lot of talent and I can really tell you enjoyed it a lot.

'I learnt a lot from watching it!'

Harry visited the highly restricted Star City base back in April and along with seeing fascinating space exhibits, he also witnessed the three astronauts training as they prepared to blast off for the Space Station.

He recorded a film for the Tayside Space School, of which he is a member, and when it was shown there, special guest US astronauts in attendance liked it so much they took a copy of it back to NASA.
They in turn were so impressed that they beamed the 16 minute recording up to the Space Station, 220 miles above the earth!
Harry said, "When my dad told me that the film might be sent up, it felt really good!'

Harry's out of this world message earned him a spot on the STV (local) evening news, but that isn't the only reward he has had for his entertaining film, which in all took him about 35 hours to put together.

He also received a hand written letter of thanks from Mary, the Dowager Countess of Strathmore, who is Patron of the Tayside Space School. She wrote that she watched Harry's film with her grandson at Glamis Castle and also sent Harry a cd copy of a phone message to her from Col Alvin Drew when he was on board the ISS.

Harry's video, including the message from the astronauts, can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtircZn_-RI
Harry receives message from International Space Station! - Photo 1Harry receives message from International Space Station! - Photo 2
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