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Sixth Form Geographers Explore Glasgow

Published by Kingswood Senior School on Friday 12th of November 2021

The Sixth Form Geography trip is usually to Barcelona but as a result of the pandemic we had to choose a more local destination, the replacement being Glasgow.

The drive up went smoothly, the highlight being a 15 minute ferry ride to the island of Great Cumbrae where we would be staying for the duration. Excitingly, we were staying on a marine terrace uplifted by isostatic processes over the past 10,000 years!

We had an evening orientation and teaching session learning about the history of Glasgow, its de-industrial past, the negative social consequences of this and the rebranding efforts of recent years. The next day we headed into Glasgow where students explored the key sites associated with the regeneration and re branding of the city, carrying out a range of data collection techniques perhaps the most memorable of which were the interviews with local people who offered some very honest viewpoints on the city and how far it had come into changing its negative image.

The second day was based on the island carrying out a range of coastal fieldwork techniques measuring beach profiles and carrying out cost benefit analyses of flood defences before returning to the classroom do present and analyse the data.

On the final full day students had the opportunity to measure the water and carbon cycle in the local area before spending some time attempting to light fires in less than ideal conditions and then exploring the sights of the local town. The students were excellent company and engaged well in all elements of the trip.

Special thanks go to Miss Moore for her enthusiasm and excellent choice of classic films in the evening, and to Mr Stuttard for supporting the students throughout the trip, beating the Year 13s at Geoguessr, fine drone flying and for trying his best to understand the physical Geography.
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