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Canfordian wins National STEM Award

Published by Canford School on Tuesday 7th of December 2021

We are delighted for Fourth Former Lucy Vrettos who was crowned the winner of the STEM Bronze Award at a virtual ceremony organised by the EDT-sponsored Industrial Cadets on Wednesday 24th November. The Industrial Cadets’ Patron is HRH The Prince of Wales who says of the programme:

"It is hugely encouraging, that so many young people have become Industrial Cadets. It's clear to me that the rapid pace of change in the way that our industry is operating is bringing a host of new challenges and opportunities, not only in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but also of course in the creative arts."

To win her award Lucy had to complete a project that displayed her STEM skills including innovation and problem-solving.

Lucy takes up the story:

“I completed the Industrial Cadets Routes into the STEM Bronze Course, recommended by my Physics teacher, gaining an insight into engineering, technological, pharmaceutical, and mathematics career paths. Alongside answering questions about videos I watched, I worked hard to complete the Biopharm, Maths Murder Mystery, and Atmospheric Pollutants projects focusing on detail and accuracy.

I’ve always been very interested in STEM subjects because I enjoy applying problem-solving, logic, innovation, and mostly curiosity. This course really opened my eyes to a wide range of potential career possibilities, and I feel I can now make a more informed decision about my future studies.

My entry for the age-level Award, following my completion of the course, was a short video of myself discussing the contents of the course, what I learned, and how I increased the awareness of the opportunities in STEM within my community.

Upon hearing the news that I won the award, I was delighted and felt a sense of pride that my efforts had been nationally recognised; and genuinely a bit shocked given how many people were involved! I hope that I can be an inspiration to the girls around me to show the capabilities of women within STEM and encourage them to do their best.”

Ieuan Weir, Deputy Head Academic at Canford, commented:

“We encourage all our pupils to explore academic opportunities beyond their curriculum study in areas of their subjects they are particularly passionate about. External courses and competitions such as the Industrial Cadets initiative are a perfect example of what is on offer for pupils interested in STEM and to have been selected as the overall winner in her age group is a fantastic achievement by Lucy. The skills learned go beyond those of the subject, such as associated soft skills of communication and presentation. We are all very proud of Lucy and I am delighted that this course has reinforced her interest in STEM subjects.”

For more information about Industrial Cadets Routes into STEM and the awards, please visit: https://www.etrust.org.uk/industrial-cadets-awards-week
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