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Brontë Bright Beginnings

Published by Woodhouse Grove School (Bronte House) on Tuesday 18th of January 2022

A running start at Brontë House

At Brontë, we see sport as giving our pupils so much more than just physical fitness. It is a delight to watch personalities flourish within a team. To see children demonstrate the leadership skills they have developed through playing sport. To witness how they utilise the resilience they have learnt through competition in other aspects of their lives.

Brontë pupils have the chance to participate in a variety of sports including rugby (boys and girls), netball, cricket (boys and girls), athletics and swimming. We have a busy fixtures list competing with nearby schools and encourage all children to represent Brontë House during their time at the school.

Our specialist sports staff are experienced at all levels of primary school sport – from encouraging children to “have a go” to carefully developing those with talent in a specific area. We know every child is different and take this on board to create a sports offering that is inclusive yet challenging – and most importantly, a lot of fun.

The parents of some of our recent starters had this to say about Brontë sport:

“Sport at Brontë is outstanding. My daughter loves sport and her passion is netball. At Brontë she has found a school that shares her passion.”

“[Our daughter] has made the swimming training squad and is so excited to be attending her first gala next week. [Our son] talks constantly about the different games and sports he is playing, even in Year 1. Already determined to join the school rugby team in KS2, he looks up to the older children engaged in team sport.”

“[Our son] loves PE and gymnastics. He is also enjoying his after school Rugby Tots. The choice of after school clubs is excellent.”

“[Our daughter} has excelled herself and is part of the A netball group – something which was a surprise to us both because at her old school she wasn’t particularly good at it. Brontë seems to have given her a new found confidence which has made her more relaxed and able to fulfill her natural potential.”

“Sport at Brontë is brilliant, the range on offer, the coaches and the opportunities the children get to represent the school.”

Brontë House – a bright beginning for a bright future.
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