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Stage Make-up master-classes

Published by Cheam School on Wednesday 19th of January 2022

This term pupils have been learning how to apply stage make-up in preparation for the senior play, Grease, to be performed at the end of the Spring term. Each week the children have learnt the importance of applying foundation to different skin tones, the use of eye liner and mascara to ensure that when under the lights, their faces can be seen. Learning how to make someone look older with the use of shading and creating lines where natural wrinkles occur has also been practised. A character profile is established for each of the play cast so that each make-up artist knows exactly what make-up is to be applied to that person for the performances. Next term they will learn more about hair and how to ‘finish off’ their characters to complete their look.
Stage Make-up master-classes - Photo 1
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