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Getting Into The Picture With Year 4

Published by The King Alfred School on Tuesday 17th of May 2022

We spoke to some Year 4 students about their recent production of Katie’s Picture Show.

Lola: The show was about a girl called Katie and she climbs into pictures in a picture gallery. It’s based on the books by James Mayhew.

Kaspar: Our topic this term has been ‘Picture our World’ so we decided to make that our play.

Flo: To begin our topic we looked at this old picture of children playing in the olden days, and then we have to write down a description of what it would be like to be in the painting. So we sort of looked at history through pictures.

Lola: We started off just rehearsing a couple of times a week but when it was close to the show we practiced every day.

Kaspar: We didn’t just take one of the books and act it out, we sort of mashed up a few of the books. And it wasn’t just about Katie going into the pictures, we also talked about the pictures.

Lola: I was Katie but there were six different people playing Katie. We all had a role.

Kaspar: I was a tiger and an art lover

Lola: It was very fun to do and I love acting and I’m off to Hollywood now!

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