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St Peter’s Unveils New School Building

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 10th of November 2022

After months of tireless effort from our Operations team and Jerry Sharland and his team over the summer holidays, we are proud to announce the opening of our new Lower school building. Situated within the Lower School Estuary block, this classroom has been made with modern building materials and with environmental impacts in mind.

The new-build’s modern insulation has been carefully paired with a state-of-the-art ventilation system which will control heat levels, reduce damp, and reduce levels of bacteria and domestic pollutants. Concurrently, the insulation will curb unnecessary heat loss and help us in our goal to minimise our environmental impact. The heat pump and underfloor heating system, provided by Nu-Heat, will allow cost-efficient warming throughout the new building, a key concern as we go into the cooler Autumn term. A disabled toilet and another individual toilet have been included as part of the new building. These are key installations given the nature of our site.

Our existing Nursery has also enjoyed the addition of a large, new conservatory, fitted with a cosy reading nook with a snug, as well as little bookcases and toys.

Led by our Nursery Room Leader, Miss Tibbott, the children enjoy specialist teaching in French, Music and P.E., as well as unstructured free play, and one-to-one reading lessons. When children are ready, they embark upon their Reading and Maths Journeys. The Nursery classes also enjoy regular adventures in our ‘Wild Woods’: the Forest School that we run on-site.

The free-form nature of this year group allows the children to experiment with a variety of stimulating activities in a safe environment; whether that be dress-up, playing on their ‘construction site’, or racing around on tricycles!
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