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Introducing Our STEAM Ambassadors

Published by The Oratory Prep School on Thursday 1st of December 2022

Each year, we choose STEAM Ambassadors who work closely with the Science department to help maintain the high standards of teaching and practical work completed in lessons. The STEAM Ambassador is the student voice, a bridge between pupil and Science teacher. They are involved in planning, presenting, and running STEAM Challenges, assemblies, and competitions throughout the year.

The STEAM Ambassador Scheme

What is a STEAM Ambassador?

The STEAM Ambassador is a role within school which works closely with the Science department. There is also lots of involvement with the Maths, ICT and Art departments.

STEAM Ambassadors are pupils from Years 5-8 who are an integral part of the Science department. They have been selected by their STEAM teachers for their outstanding performance, commitment and enthusiasm to these subjects.

STEAM Ambassadors regularly get involved in STEAM initiatives, competitions and cross-curricular events and have an innate passion for the Sciences. The STEAM Ambassador position recognises these endeavours with the STEAM Ambassador title and badge.

What do STEAM Ambassadors do?

-Ensure you have the complete practical equipment you need for every lesson by completing daily lab stock checks
-Record ‘Everyday Einsteins’, The OPS Science podcast – you can enjoy listening to and follow along at home to complete some fun and exciting experiments
-Research information for the half termly Newsletter
-Get involved with Science Assemblies, Open Mornings and special Science Days
-Talk with STEAM Ambassadors from around the world to learn more about a future career in a STEAM pathway
-Promote the weekly STEAM Challenges
-Help to run clubs and activities during special events such as International Women and Girls in Science Day, World Oceans’ Day and British Science Week
-Compete in Science competitions

How to become a STEAM Ambassador

A STEAM Ambassador is hard-working, committed but above all else, they go above and beyond in their STEAM education in school. They don’t necessarily need top grades, but they have unwavering enthusiasm for their STEAM lessons. They may do the following to get themselves noticed for the award:

-Complete weekly STEAM Challenges
-Complete a CREST Award
-Participate in Maths Challenges
-Attend STEAM clubs
-Investigate a STEAM topic at home
-Attend STEAM events outside of school and send a photo to a Science teacher
-Go above and beyond by completing extra research as part of their prep
-Get involved in competitions and special celebration days at school, such as the STEM award, World Oceans’ Day and International Women and Girls in Science Day
-Fully engage in every STEAM lesson and complete prep to a very high standard

Congratulations to the 18 pupils selected this year and we look forward to hearing about your progress and achievements over the coming year.
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