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Orwell Park rated excellent by ISI!

Published by Orwell Park School on Tuesday 6th of December 2022

We were pleased to welcome a team of Independent Schools Inspectors into school in June 2021, who ran a full statutory inspection.

The School was pleased to welcome a team of Independent Schools Inspectors, the regulatory body for independent schools, during the week of 26th September 2022 . The inspection was comprised of two parts:

- an inspection of educational quality

- a regulatory compliance inspection

“The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.” — ISI

“The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.” — ISI

What does the ISI report tell me as a parent about Orwell Park School?

Inspection reports give a frank and objective overall account of a school’s provision and outcomes for pupils. They should indicate how well the education caters for pupils of different needs and abilities, how broad the education is, what the atmosphere of the school is like – in terms of the ethos, behaviour of pupils and relationships – and how well pupils are cared for.

What are the gradings for an ISI report?

Educational Quality Inspections report on the two main outcomes for pupils:

- Achievement

- Personal development.

Reporting is with reference to contributory factors such as curriculum, teaching and pastoral care.

ISI does not make a single overarching judgement on a school. Instead they make a clear judgement on each aspect of its work using one of the following four grades:

- Excellent

- Good

- Sound

- Unsatisfactory

We are delighted to be graded as excellent, the top grade, by the ISI inspection team in our recent Educational Quality Inspection. Headmaster Adrian Brown commented:

“The top grades for achievement and personal development are testament to the hard work of all concerned. The children were a credit to the School and showed the inspectors the qualities that we are fortunate to see every day at school. My thanks to our staff, who did what they do every week of the year, nurturing and supporting our pupils and encouraging a love of learning, both in and outside the classroom. The report captures much of the essence of the School and the holistic education which we value so highly.”
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