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GCSE Presentation Evening 2022

Published by Abbot's Hill School on Tuesday 6th of December 2022

On Friday night we celebrated the achievements of the Class of 2022 at our annual GCSE Presentation Evening.

This years leavers produced some phenomenal results and went onto some fantastic sixth forms and colleges which we were delighted to highlight as part of the evening.

Our thanks to our guest speaker, Alex Hutchinson, Head at James Allen’s Girls’ School and Chair of the Girls’ School Association Education Committee. Further thanks to Scarlett C, Head Girl 2021-22 for also speaking at the event.

2022 Leavers Destinations:

Sienna A – Ashlyns School
Cerys B – West Herts College
Lola B – St Clement Danes School
Millie B – St Clement Danes School
Madeleine B – St George’s School
Zoë B – Beaumont School
Bailey B – Oaklands College
Isabella BW – Berkhamsted School
Scarlett C – St Albans School
Charlotte C – St Albans Independent College
Phoebe D – Aldenham School
Darcy D – Berkhamsted School
Cordelia E – Kings Langley School
Hannah F – Ashlyns School
Ethne G – The BRIT School
Rachel G – Dundalk Grammar School
Charlotte G – St George’s School
Rachael G – Berkhamsted School
Charlotte G – Stowe School
Amy G – Bedford Girls’ School
Rosie H – St Albans School
Madelaine H – Ashlyns School
Peta H – St Albans School
Elizabeth H – Uppingham School
Isabella HH – Chesham Grammar School
Amelia H – Tring College
Emma H – Sandringham School
Freya H – Sandringham School
Kara K – Mount House School
Sophie K – Sir John Lawes School
Katy L – Ashlyns School
Philippa L – Chalfont Independent Grammar School
Chloe M – St Columba’s College
Madeline M – Aldenham School
Ella N – St George’s School
Charlotte N – St Albans School
Daisy O – Berkhamsted School
Olpha P – Ashlyns School
Isabella P – Royal Masonic School for Girls
Asha P – Ashlyns School
Kaya P – St Albans Independent College
Carla P – Berkhamsted School
Isabel R – Pipers Corner School
Nicole R – St Albans Independent College
Madeleine R – Berkhamsted School
Sophie R – St George’s School
Amy R – Beaumont School
Daisy S – Royal Masonic School for Girls
Sophie T – The Leys Cambridge
Rose T – Berkhamsted School
Alice T – St Columba’s College
Ellie T – Sandringham School
Eleanor W – Oaklands College
Amber W – Ashlyns School
Scarlett W – St Albans School
Ebony W – St George’s School
Lauren W – Sandringham School
Lucy Y – Tring School
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