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Elite Sports Students 2022-23

Published by Concord College on Tuesday 6th of December 2022

The Sports Department have selected this year's Elite Sports Team. Concord’s athletes have been recognised for their exceptional performance and potential in a wide range of sports.

The programme, which was established in 2019, will offer a range of support and training to 11 of Concord’s up and coming athletes. Those who are selected for the team have access to an additional range of sporting support such as 1-1 personal training, physiotherapy support, nutritional advice and assistance in attending competitions.

Students who hoped to be considered for the programme completed an application listing their sporting background, and a statement reflecting on their aspirations as an athlete. All students that were considered have competed at a level between county and international standard.

Those who were selected for the Elite Sports Team have also now taken on the role of ‘Sports Ambassadors’ for the college. They will assist with press releases and document their time at sporting events with photos and reports.

Congratulations to the successful applicants for 2022-2023 who are listed below.

Bonnie. Form 4. Swimming.

Sophie. Form 4. Swimming.

Georgia. Form 5. Swimming/Athletics.

Menna. Form 4. Athletics.

Beth. 6.2. Cross country/long distance track, road and fell running.

Raphi. Form 5. Fencing (Epee).

Veyan. 6.1. Golf.

Eric. 6.1. Golf.

Qinthara. 6.1. Golf.

Nick. 6.2. Golf.

Theo. 6.2. Cricket.
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