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Friendships & Community With Year 1

Published by The King Alfred School on Tuesday 6th of December 2022

Putting on a Callover (the KAS word for assembly) is a daunting prospect for our younger students (and some of our older ones!) – but Year 1 not only braved the stage, they also had some great advice for us all. Their recent callover was the result of their term-long enquiry into their own community and relationships.

Taking to the stage in the Lower School Hall the children introduced us to the puppets (Owl, Bee, Monkey) which help remind them to be observant, reflective, inquisitive, courageous and collaborative, before looking at what makes a community.

They invited the audience to consider what they felt ‘made’ a community and what they, as individuals, brought to their community.

During this Autumn Term students in Year 1 have been taking part in ‘Playtime Playdates’ with children they didn’t normally play with – in a film shown on the big screen, they reflected on what they had in common with these new friends, what they liked about playing with someone new and all agreed, it was good to try new things with new people!

The children then shared answers to the question ‘What is the most important choice we can make to build relationships in our community?’ and it’s all good advice!
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