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Sports Alumni Series: Eva - Rose Ferguson

Published by St Margaret's Preparatory School, Calne on Tuesday 6th of December 2022

We are pleased to bring you the next in our Sports Alumni series, Eva-Rose Ferguson, who left us in 2017 and went up the path to St Mary's Calne, where she has now just started Sixth Form. She played hockey throughout school, starting at St Margaret's, and now plays for St Mary’s 1st team. Over the summer she competed for Bristol at the England Hockey Challenge Cup and now plays a high level of hockey at Bath Buccaneers, where she is part of their performance squad.

Eva-Rose has kindly shared her reflections on her time here at St Margaret’s – you can read what she had to say here.

What are your stand-out memories of St Margaret’s?

My best memories are of all the lovely school trips, especially Mill on the Brue and the Isle of Wight. I also have great memories of all the sports matches and after-school clubs that St Margaret’s offered.

Which staff members do you remember and the impact they had?

I had many great teachers during my time at school, but in particular Mr Dury and Mrs White stand out as sport was so important for me. They both made all sport enjoyable and also helped me develop my passion and commitment to sport, especially hockey.

What did you enjoy most about your time at St Margaret’s?

Match days were always my favourite day and luckily at St Margaret’s I was able to compete in so many different sports. I always enjoyed playing in a team with my friends and winning together.

What advice would you give our pupils who would like to pursue a passion in sport?

Find a sport that you love, keep practising and trying your best at all times, but most of all keep it fun!

We talk to our pupils about 'Inspiring Excellence' - giving their best shot, learning from their mistakes and not being afraid to take a risk. How does this relate to you and being on the hockey field?

You can never do more than your best and you’ll never succeed if you don’t try. Mistakes are never bad because they help you move forward faster. Don’t be afraid to take a risk- it shows character, determination and a desire to get better. I always ask for feedback - positive and negative - it helps me focus on my next steps.

Thank you to Eva for sharing your reflections with us - we love this final answer! Another fantastic example of how St Margaret's inspired an early love of sport. We are looking forward to sharing this piece with the children in next week's assembly.

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